There is overwhelming evidence corroborating the notion that Kenya Is a good country to invest in; despite all the corruption crowding our judgement about the country.For the purpose of this discussion, I will focus on a systematic way to gauge an investment and the tools that made me arrive at the best investment I think someone might make in Kenya. On the contrary, this should not close the topic for further discussion as there might be better investments.

To comprehend the current stand-point of Kenya investment, it is important that we understand the global business environment. What makes Kenya stand out amon other countries in Africa.

Kenya is an emerging economy with a population close to 53 millions. It is located in Africa,a continent with a lot of trade barriers across country to country. The country is a heavy importer of finished products from China and the United states. The currency is not so strong as compared to other currencies like South Africa.

Now, I hold the view that for a country to be competitive in the global business, it must be making something for the global consumption. An example is Taiwan a SMALL country that plays a significant role in the global business. All Iphones are made in Taiwan. Most of the microprocessors are made in Taiwan. The country is able to satisfy its demand and sell outside. Business that focus on the bigger picture are the most profitable.

Now, back to Kenya. The countries main products with the world include Tea, Coffee and Cut flowers. These are the main products that Kenya exports to the outside world. Among the three, Cut flowers are the easiest that an individual can invest.

The Kenya flower industry is one of the biggest foreign exchange earner, and the industry has an international market share of 38% .

Statistics show that the industry employs 90,000 people directly and about 500,000 indirectly data from the Kenya Flower Council. It also rakes in more than Sh45.6 billion every year.

Kenya is the largest supplier of cut flowers to the European Union.

Most of the flowers grown in Kenya are sold through the Dutch Auctions and some exported directly to supermarkets in the United Kingdom.

Roses are the most profitable flowers grown in the country. The country is best known for growing scented roses which are liked in the international markets. 98% of the roses grown in the country are for export. The industry has prospects for growth as the demand for quality cut flowers in the European union keep rising. For these reason, I can conclude and say, Flori-culture is the best investment to do in Kenya.