It’s natural to adjust and live like the locals of the diaspora-land you are in, and while visiting your home country, you will definitely be all excited to do things the ‘natural way’ for the moment that you will be around. Apart from the habitual touring of the coastal beaches, visiting national reserves, museums and other customary activities which will no doubt take you very long and for what you might be worth, these ones will instantly renew your kenyanness!

Attending the Churchill show

Kenyans are generally hilarious. That’s evident from the unending memes we create, the KOT (Kenyans on Twitter) rants that are actually humorous and literally just the next door from your place lives a guy who might crack your ribs any time you see him. It’s worth it reminding yourself  how to laugh the Kenyan way, you know; the high-fives, opening-your-mouth-wide, jerking-yourself-from-your-seat, uncivilized kind of way. When you attend, not watch a Churchill show, you will come out with aching ribs! There is something about laughing together, hearing a joke first hand. It’s the best and the fact that you will laugh just because someone has laughed is priceless.

one of chuchill show logos. image, courtesy

Grabbing yourself nyama choma ( its ‘nyam chom’ in newborn terms)

Okay, I know that some of those exotic places you guys live have these, but the key word here is some! And even in those scarce locations, it can never get close to being Kenyan- like. The perfect way to experience this concoction is by dropping by a not so fancy restaurant with customers that are having the same meal, better still, get your dish served right next to the smoking grills, where you might lose track of some pieces of meat, not being able to tell if they are yours because that plate you are using is a huge, communal wooden board. This will not at all put you off because the guys eating at the same plate will feed you with all the city humor and juicy info about topics of your fancy. I don’t know anything tastier and more kenyan than this.

Hop on that matatu ride to your next stop

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I think this is more effective in Nairobi, but it will be a close experience in just about any other town. Being in a matatu ride here in Kenya will expose you to an update of the latest habits and interests of Kenyans living in Kenya. Before I go ahead, don’t dare desire to sit with the driver at their ‘cabin’ on the Forward Travellers sacco matatus that lead to and from kayole. Those drivers literally think of those vehicles as Boengs and you will quickly be dismissed to their economy class if you are not pleasing to their eyes. Otherwise, being on a regular jitney will mean that you meet the craziest of characters. There will be that passenger next to you who will loudly pour their heart out, constantly telling you about all their troubles and you will only escape if either of you two alights first. Even if you get lucky to sit next to a quiet one, the music that will be released soon after you set off will excruciate you all the way. It’s unnecessarily loud, and your whole body will be vibrating. You might be tempted to take out your phone and try to distract yourself with your daily exotic news but soon you will assume a shocked look after its easily grabbed through the window. Then again, kindly have loose cash on you because you will probably pay more than what they will state, especially when it starts drizzling. I will save all the possible drama that can happen for later. For now just remember to alight very fast or you might leave your left leg on the vehicle.

What activity do you think will instantly freshen your kenyanness? Tell us in the comments section below.