I’m 5’2” and I have never been insecure about it. I absolutely love my height and small build and find it particularly irrelevant when people point out how short I am. One thing to show for how much I like being me is the loose and flowy fits I wear. Honestly, I would not want to follow the fashion world rules of wearing certain things because my body is a certain way. I,m a creative and creativity is more about bending the rules set after all. These are some of the tips I follow to get me a complete look.


  1. Belts

A shorty gotta love her some good, well-fitting belts. The catch here is to use them on your high waist and nowhere else. I don’t wear a trouser and belt it because it’s loose at my waist. I tailor it instead. For dresses, I use larger belts, while sizable ones are set aside for pieces like blazers, cover-ups and high waist trousers and skirts. My favorite are neutral ones, not a big fan of multicolored belts as they take away the beauty from the rest of the outfit, unless this is what I want to achieve.


2. Contrast

This is both in the color and fit of the cloth. I make sure to balance my very baggy fits with something well fitted. When wearing big pants, I pair with a body hugger at the top and vice versa. This tip works well too if you make a huge contrast on the color of the clothes.


3. Go for oversize flowy

Man, don’t I just love to keep it flowy! Big cover-ups, flowy pants and dresses are perfect when styled well. To avoid looking like a walking tent, I have a belt on and show some skin to look as human as possible. I think my images better emphasize this.


4. Long pants and heels combination

This is not in any way to appear taller, rather to spice up the length or flowy feel of the outfit. I love doing this especially with my long, wide legged trousers.

In whatever I do with oversize, I make sure my waist is clinched.

I sure hope you enjoy this and that you don’t feel some type of way for being short.

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