Ready, Set Go
Kids running a president Race!!

By Alexis Wahome, (Written in Second Grade)

My friends and I were getting bored of my friend Hunter being the president of our squad so we decided to have a president race.  My friend Sophie and I were running for president. Hunter said, “First turn right on Estes then keep on going until you see a sign that says Boulder the first one to the stop sign wins.” Then he said, “Ready, set, go!” First, I was in the lead but Sophie was close behind.  Next, Sophie somehow passed me but but when we got to the hill she fell and said, “Help! I didn’t know what to do.  This is the hardest decision ever!  (Not really, it is at lunch when I have to decide what I’m going to eat).  Last, then it started to rain so much that it flooded and wash us all the way to the  finish line and it was a tie. Then I got up and said, “Nice sliding.” Sophie replied, “You to.”

The End