Fashion has today become a core aspect of our lives. This is evident in the way people readily spend on trends. There is an unlimited display of new designs by international clothing brands all year round to satisfy the demand for something new and Kenya is very much active on this. There is a gallery of trending outfits on social media and events as well. The appreciation for good clothes is higher now more than ever. The events I’m going to highlight here are the most fashionable, luxurious, and highly anticipated.

Fashion high tea

the recent 2019 fashion high tea image, courtesy

This one is a favorite and the most exclusive in every way! It happens at the Zen Garden every February to showcase haute couture and the most fashionable individuals and designers are always in attendance. The event comprises of endless fashion, entertainment, food and drinks. It has been sponsored handsomely all through and its tickets sell out every time. Most of its proceedings go to charity and its dubbed ‘a very high profile event put together for the upwardly mobile discerning professional to indulge in their favorite pastimes’ by its organisers.

Tribal chic

attendees Susan Wong, Annabele Onyango, A model, model Joe Kisila on the runway image, courtesy

Held at the prestigious 5 star boutique hotel- tribe hotel, every January, this exceptionally organised charitable event is as competent and fashionable given the crowd in attendance, their style and the designers that showcase. It aims to support local and international talent, as well as afford them a platform to market their products here in Kenya. The hotel has exciting, sophisticated interiors that match the event theme well.

 Kenya fashion awards

image, courtesy

Held every October, anyone that contributes to the fashion industry in Kenya is recognized and celebrated here. Awards are the order of the day with hair and clothing stylists, fashion photographers, fashion bloggers, models and designers eying them. Those in attendance come dressed to the nines and they love it, especially when posing at the red carpet.

 Nairobi fashion market

The event is held bi-annually to showcase fashion products, lifestyle items, and in general anything creative and fun. Designers, entrepreneurs and retailers have a platform to market their products and services in a fun filled environment. The event is a colourful one with attendees wearing their best and activities that range from kids play areas, runway shows and other exciting performances.