The basics of how to cross stitch the letter A

Threading Letter A

By Alexis Wahome (Written in 3rd Grade)

Have you ever wanted to make the perfect gift for someone or decoration for your room?  Well your in luck because I know the perfect thing, cross stitch and I’m going to teach you the basics of how to make the letter A!  I’m writing this because cross stitch is growing obsolete and (in my opinion) it’s a fun way to make beautiful art, also A is my favorite letter.

The first thing your going to need is a needle.  Another thing you’ll need is thread like this one:

You can buy it at hobby lobby.  You’ll also need a special fabric called Aida cloth.  Last you’ll need scissors, grid paper, a pencil, and a embroidery hoop, witch is recommended because it will make it easier.

First, get your grid paper and pencil to make a plan/map.  Make Xs in the boxes to make your own design. Some advice from me is if you make three Xs in a row it’s going to be bold and make two or three Xs in a column so it doesn’t look too slanted but of course you don’t have to.  When your done with you plan/map you’ll be ready to sew but of course you have to learn the basics. The first thing I’ll teach you is that you’ll need two pieces of the thread but keep them together. Another thing you’ll need to learn is to thread a needle:

First, get your two pieces of thread and make six knots on top of each other, you’ll need to do that because when you pull the string through the hole the whole thing will just go right through and not stay on the cloth get it (not as a joke)? Next, put the opposite end of the side you put knots on and put the tip of it in your mouth, then take it out and twist it so it will stay together.  After that try to put some of it in the hole and leave a dangle you can tie it to the other side of the thread so it doesn’t fall off when your sewing and that’s how you thread a needle. Now you’ll need to know how to cross stitch. First, now that you have your needle that is threaded you find the center of the Aida cloth:

Aida Cloth

and your map/plan and then count to where your letter starts. Then you pull up from the bottom and pull it down into the little hole up diagonally from it then pull it up from the hole under that one and repeat those steps until that line is over.  Then, you come back and cross stitch over those crosses to make a letter X and you do that the same way as making those crosses except doing it in the other direction. To start a row on top of that you poke your needle and thread slightly above the hole you cross stitched because if you put it in the same hole you put the thread in it will come so keep on making rows until your your whole thing’s complete.

Now you know the basics of how to cross stitch the letter A.