Leather outfits are a hit trend these days, having come back more versatile, they are something everyone should consider trying.

There is more color, texture and modern cut designs that will create some of the perfect looks for different events. My favorite leather outfit is the full leather top/bottom, toned down by pairing with neutral pieces. It’s go big or go home for me!

Another exciting detail is how one leather piece will take your normal outfit from level 1 to 100. It’s such a basic, mostly black cloth but the most polished and out there item you can ever own. It’s the one thing you can mix and match every day without feeling like you did a repetition.

I styled my two leather pieces from one of my favorite brands 3 ways.

Me going big. Finishing touches, white (I call them whole mood) sunnies, short hair to leave the show to the leather, and transparent sandals which are a stylish yet considerate article for an over the top outfit. Ha! This look will be perfect for a creative job environment, a party, or anything really. Yes, anything.

Same items but with a thigh high slit dress involved. Its neutral toned and elegant. This look is sexy yet modest! Wear to a brunch, party, or date.

Switched up with a corset belt for a more snatched and outlined waist.


More ideas? Well style your leather pants with anything that is neutral colored, and minimal jewelry. Let me know in the comments which of these looks is the best, and also how you style your leather pieces, I would love to know.

here are links to the outfits

leather pants and jacket https://instagram.com/_sabba._/

dress/ sunnies/ heels  https://instagram.com/thexclusive254/