Kenya Parliament

Through the office of the auditor general a policy think tank has asked the parliament to cut budget of all ministries that are involved in cases of mismanagement of funds. This has come after cases of high corruption in the country. It has been noticed that some ministries have been receiving money and managing the money well. The Institute of Economic Affairs also has asked four ministries to be audited because some of the ministries involved such as devolution, agriculture, health and education account for one third of the countries budget.

More particularly, it has been noticed that these ministries do not keep proper records for accounting purposes. Using this loopholes so much money has been siphoned out of the ministries leaving little to none for development.

Owino the Chief executive of Institute of Economic Affairs said that ministries that cannot account for 56% of their budget should not receive funds until they account how they spent their money.

One of the ministries that has caught the eyes of the auditor general is the Ministry of Devolution which was involved in the NYS scandal. It has also been the recipient of the drought disaster funds.

Currently some areas in the country are facing serious drought problem but the money supposed to be used for such disaster missing.

There have been recurring issues year after year in the ministries that has raised flags making the auditor general to step in.