The effects of the efforts of mother Teresa of Calcutta were and are still the most most lovingly spoken about. Dr Martin Luther King jr. had a dream. He dreamed big for the freedom of mankind. Mahatma Gandhi was an iconic Indian figure. As he left the jail, the AFRICAN powerhouse NELSON MANDELA preached love and forgiveness. As Africa celebrated the release of Mandela, a young man was dreaming big, he wanted to help change the world from where he stood but how.

Jeremy Damaris (JD) has become an icon of love and affection and gratitude. He has rescued many families. He has initiated and completed many projects both in America and in Kenya. His love for mankind and fellow Kenyans is beyond measures. What would happen if he had the power to make decisions in the country? So much would be achieved because he has proved that nothing is achievable. The kikuyu Diaspora Radio is just one of the many things he has done for the community. How many people would stand to be counted for selflessness? Martin Luther king’s dream of freedom for mankind is  achievable and so is Jeremy’s dream for a pain free society. He has been able to bring people together in America. The KDM Anniversary will be in Georgia in Atlanta. Do we  go hear and support the vision of the next Mandela?


  1. May God help Jeremy Damaris to achieve all your dreams. “God says He has all the promises in his hands, we all need to claim them”

  2. Jeremy you are the Moses of the Kikuyu Diaspora Media waiting you lay out the stick so we cross over the Red sea. Gods protection as you get ip and lay down.


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