On Saturday April 6 2019, all the fans and well wishers of our great radio gathered in Seattle for the Meet the people Tour event. The event was very well attended with the crowds overflowing the Federal Way Community Center Hall.

The Hall was overflowing…

The Devil did everything possible to make this event a failure but in the end he had to coil his tail and walk to his rightful place. Imagine our CEO JD missed his flight on Friday, then on Saturday Morning (The day of the event) he and his family were on a Standby Flight from Birmingham to Seattle. He wasn’t sure if he’d even get on the plane on time to make it to the event. By the hand of God, the air plane from Dallas to Seattle only had 3 settles available. Our CEO, wife and daughter needed 3 seats and they were able to make it to Seattle by 12 noon. That my friends is the hand of God.

Apparently the Camera did not catch our CEO busted Lip. Maybe that’s why he is looking down, lol…

The devil was not done with his cunning ways. When our CEO got to his hotel room, he was in a hurry to get everything going that his missed a clear glass wall. He ran into it, was knocked down and hurt his lip badly and also sustained some hand and head injuries. Thank God he was able to recollect himself enough to carry on with the events of the day.

When our CEO stood to speak, he was very energized. The crowd was on fire. He laid out the vision for the radio and asked us to be united as we move together as one Family. The KDM Fans representatives (Charles Njogu, Mary Kaguathi (aka Mary Shiko), Rachael Ng’ae (aka figure 8) Terry Simon and Josephine Wairimu (Director of Operations) all briefly talked about our radio and highlighted the many things that we are undertaking such as Shabiki Welfare Organization, Investment and Social outreach. The CEO also chose his officials and presented them with certificates.

The Seattle Meet The People Tour event set the precedence for all future event. Tutirahuahua. We can only get better. We love our fans and our supporters and together we will go far. KDM Hoyee…

A prophetic word was given during the event. Please listen. It’s very important



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