Phoebe, after making a piece

The young talented Kenyan artist describes herself as having a soft spot for illustrating African brands, while occasionally breaking character to pursue beauty beyond the continent. I have followed her journey through Instagram and every illustration is breathtaking and refreshingly filled with positive meaning that I find myself ever relating to. She draws inspiration from various experiences and scenes she comes across and clearly, she has good taste in every sense of the word.

art titled NAIROBI CHIC

Phoebe’s signature character is the African woman. She shows up in most of her pieces. Looking through her work means realizing the power, grace, style, beauty, diversity and the ever desirable personalities of African women. Looking through means seeing the pride she has of her homeland and everything it has to offer. It means being filled with pride as a person from this continent. As a Kenyan stylist and fashion blogger, it means a lot to be represented in the way Phoebe does. To see style this edgy in art is exhilarating. I do look forward to seeing more of her imagination.


Here are her own words via questions that I asked.

What is it that drives you to begin a piece of work anytime you do.

Phoebe: I can’t say it’s one thing. It’s usually a combination of feelings and me putting together several sensory experiences I’ve had. Whether it’s something beautiful I saw on social media, a movie, outside or in a book they will find their way onto the paper.

art titled CHAI IN A CUP

As a young artist with a unique way of sharing your thoughts, how has your experience been with those who interact with your pieces as you grow more into it since you started?

Phoebe: I’m grateful for each person who has come across my work , especially when they are kind enough to share how it’s made them feel.  I’ve encountered positive responses and I’m usually learning something new about myself  from my audience. I think that is really special.

art titled JAVA COFFEE

Interesting Fact

People who aren’t very close to me don’t know that I’d also like to be writer. It is a part of my life that I don’t share so much just yet but writing is one of my passions. Still pursuing it privately but I hope that author will be one of the titles I’ll get to have someday.

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