The Diaspora Best Female Artist of the Year and the Diaspora Best Male Artist of the Year Awards were held in Atlanta Georgia during the KDM anniversary event that was held on Oct 12th and the 13th. The competition was closed about a week before the event.

Jeremy Damaris, the CEO of Kikuyu Diaspora Media has a great passion of promoting the artists in the diaspora. When he was thinking about the KDM anniversary event, he saw a competition for Best Female and Best Male Artists of the year as a way to both promote upcoming artists as well as liven the anniversary event and give it more meaning. The difference between the Kikuyu Diaspora Media competition and most other competitions is that we wanted to run a very authentic competition. In most competitions of this nature that I have seen, the voters are allowed to cast a vote as many times as they wish. Not so with this competition. Each voter could only vote once in the whole competition for the female artist of the year and once for the Male Artist of the Year. Knowing that this competition was so authentically set, we know our winners won fair. They had to mobilize their fans to vote for them. There were a lot of fans who were frustrated that they couldn’t stay up all night and vote as they are used to. In the end I think this strategy worked as it gave our competitors a sense of pride knowing that they won it fair and square.

Here is what Lucy has to say in her own words:

My name is Lucy wahinya, married to Charles wahinya and blessed with two girls (stacy &Shanice.) I am from Naivasha but residing in Houston Tx.
My music history started when i was a young girl and God put a desire in me of Kigoco. Also my grand father (ikigu Nderi)  and my uncles motivated me on how they  were  praising.
Having a passion on Kigoco i was telling God that one day i would like to be a kigoco artist and surely God met with the desires of my heart. I officially launched my First album (Ngai Njitiika) in 2018 and currently i am working on my second album.
God has opened many doors througu KDM by introducing me to the world. Special thanks to Jeremy Damaris for your words of encouragement .
Being a Winner of Kdm best female artist humbles me because it was my prayer that my songs would be a blessing to many.Also being a Winner has made me to believe on myself more.
Special thanks to Our CEO, First Lady, my family and all our Kdm fraternity. God bless you