Blogger Silvia Njoki. Image, courtesy

Kenya is full of stylish peeps, and they love it. The country, in contrast to prior centuries, has embraced all the facets of fashion and style. I would say this is credited to the eruption of social media use today. With this promising era, came fashion blogging in the country.  Fashion blogging covers topics in the fashion industry. Most fashion bloggers own blogs where they talk about anything in fashion, especially their style structure, and aim to inspire their audience with the images they put up. It’s also one of the reasons more and more Kenyans want to grow in terms of style.

I first came across fashion bloggers through instagram and they were not even Kenyan. What was common to them is the fact that they wore specific outfits from various designers and retailers and had images of themselves on their blogs and social media pages. I literally learnt to dress like them, even though without the same clothing pieces they tagged. In due time, Kenyan fashion bloggers were on my screens, showering me with options, as well as many others thirsty for more juice on dressing up. This was a little less than 8 years ago. Not only did Kenya now boast of having fashion bloggers, but also we were spoilt for choice on where to shop favorite pieces that these bloggers tagged in their blogs and social media.

Since then, more and more crop. Watching them is like breathing through an unending plantation of lavender. They really know their way through clothes and are very good at how they portray it. With them at your disposal, your wardrobe will be style goals. That includes me, Mary Kimani of .This kind of content has become the epitome of style and those who make the content can purpose it a career. Even though it is the most unconventional one, with many people criticizing them for being nothing but a pretty face and body,  we have embraced both the bloggers and their content and realize that whatever work that goes into creating their content needs as much knowledge and attention.. Their main means of earning is by advertising clothes and related products for companies.

Blogger Mary Kimani

The most popular fashion bloggers are Sharon Mundia of , Silvia Njoki , Joy Kendi of to name a few. They have even spread their wings to YouTube vlogging and create lifestyle content too.

Blogger Joy Kendi. Image, courtesy

Go no further for a style hunt. Follow them for updates on what Kenyans are wearing and at what time, not only for style inspiration and fun,but also because we don’t have weather patterns similar to where you guys are, and even though you might know the Kenyan weather patterns well, you might be in for a stupor. The rains that begin around end of May showed up a week ago, the end of April. I believe that this is just the beginning; our climate may end up being totally different.