The famously acclaimed Radio and Television company Kikuyu Diaspora Media will be holding a major talent and awards show during the upcoming anniversary celebration to be held in Atlanta Georgia on October 12th & 13th.

Voting is ongoing for Best Male Artist of the year and Best Female Artist of the Year. Facebook is lighted up with the artists in the running asking their fans to vote for them. The KDM Male and Female Artist of the Year voting is different in that voters can only cast one vote for each category. In other competitions, fans are allowed to keep voting hundreds of the time or however many times they are able to. Asked way the KDM competition is only allowing one vote per category, the CEO of KDM, Jeremy Damaris said KDM is doing the best to ensure the competition is authentic. Allowing voters to keep voting however many times they want does put the authenticity of the competition to question.

During the KDM anniversary event, there will also be a talent show for those with special talents. Anyone is welcome to go to the KDM website and register their talent. The contestants will be selected from the entrants based on the talent evidence provided. Anyone with Talent is advised to go ahead and register themselves. This is a great opportunity for someone to jump-start a career by getting huge exposure during the competition.

The KDM anniversary celebration will also feature a catwalk among other thing. Anyone in attendance is welcome to participate. You can get more details about the KDM anniversary event by visiting the event page.

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