Pleated, long and colorful! That’s how I love my skirts nowadays. I’m wearing them all the time and with a twist that gets me into the festive mood. If you are not a skirt person, like me, they are what you need to start your skirt love affair. As long as they fit well, have the perfect number of pleats and either sweep the ground or fall right under your knees, they will sweep you off your feet into 2020. The best thing about pleated skirts in general is that you can achieve a lot of wear out of them without it feeling like repetition.

In my usual fashion blogger behavior, I gathered some images from the shoots I have done wearing some this season.

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Seen here is a very flowy one that I love so much. Black and yellow is a classic color combination also, and I paired it with a sheer bodysuit over a bralet to give it balance from over covering my body with material and looking like a tent. The illusion of showing skin without really showing is a trend that I believe is worth the rave. The belt bag gives my waist justice and adds structure to the outfit.

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This here is the same concept; color, contrast and balance. This skirt is a tad less flowy but it clinches my waist well enough. Also, notice it’s not deeply pleated? The stripes are the pleats! I’m also wearing two bodysuits. One with straps and another is a sheer pullneck. My bag and shades are perfect holiday pieces.

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Another favorite way is letting my skirt pop the best way I can. The blush pink on it will easily be unnoticed if I wore it with a competing color. I went for an all jungle green ensemble. The detail at the bottom of my skirt adds some good drama as I walk.