Welcome to our New Brand – Kenya Diaspora Media

ITS OFFICIAL! We are now Kenya Diaspora Media! For the past 4 year, we have continued to inspire and transform many lives of Kenyans in...

Mother In-law from Hell

This is the latest in the series of movie directed by Jeremy Damaris and acted by Kenyan's in USA. In this classic,...

KDM Talent Show and Award

The famously acclaimed Radio and Television company Kikuyu Diaspora Media will be holding a major talent and awards show during the upcoming...

Kikuyu Diaspora Media Event Details – Atlanta Georgia

Click Here to Return to Main Event Page Event: Kikuyu Diaspora Media 1st Anniversary

Kikuyu Diaspora Media Anniversary Event!!

The count Down to Kikuyu Diaspora Media Anniversary Celebration event is on. The KDM anniversary event, slated to take place in Atlanta...

Meet The People Tour – Seattle just concluded….

On Saturday April 6 2019, all the fans and well wishers of our great radio gathered in Seattle for the Meet the...

Meet the Fans Tour, Seatle Washington

April 6, 2019 On April 6th, the Kikuyu Diaspora Family will meeting in Seattle Washington for a "Meet the...
Ready, Set Go

The president race

By Alexis Wahome, (Written in Second Grade) My friends and I were getting bored of my friend Hunter being...

Read BBI report, Raila tells critics

ODM leader says his political pact with President Uhuru Kenyatta will push for a third revolution.

Uhuru mourns constitutional lawyer Nzamba Kitonga

The former chairman of the Committee of Experts that drafted the 2010 Constitution collapsed at a funeral in Mutito, Kitui East Constituency and died...

Ruto sets tough conditions for backing BBI report

DP demands a place at the high table, where decisions are made, what should make him the ‘third principal’ in Handshake deal.

Court orders hospital to pay Letangule Sh2.7m over his wife’s death

Court says Family Care Medical Centre and Maternity did not offer the late Esther Kagwiria Letangule the care she required.

Lawyer who died of injuries inflicted by policewoman laid to rest

The lawyer died while being treated at Kenyatta National Hospital after being assaulted by a policewoman.