We all have those memories that linger in our minds sometimes. They might be triggered by someone you saw, a story you remember or a song playing on the radio.

Mine is about high school. Those good old days.

I went to a day mixed high school. To those who know me ssshhhhh!. We used to go hiking where most students used to lie to their parents of anything so they would be allowed to go. Being in a day school made it easier coz most weekends we were supposed to go to school either recover a missed subject or do chemistry/agriculture practicals.

The organizers would always be the top leads i.e class monitors or head boy/girl. Sorry I forgot to tell you that the hiking was happening after either exams or midterm. This one year we had a very tough headboy. He was a no nonsense. The assistant head boy who was in form three at the time arranged for the hike.

It all went well the day and time for meet up plus the time to leave and the sign for late commers to know people were already gone. Wah the day was smooth like any otner. Don’t forget the head boy joined the crew. Our day went well but was cut short when we realized some students had gone missing.

We looked for them in the bushes later to see them on the other side of Hong hills. The are was restricted from human beings because that’s where there were sold animals. By God’s grace we saw a couple Maasai men who we pleaded with to go get them for us. We stayed on the hills till dusk which made us start worrying due to our parents curfew.

Finally the students joined us and we started heading back home. This is all happening in a one Saturday. Monday’s comes and everyone is eager to talk about what went on that weekend but the was short-lived when the principal announced it a missing kid. This is where everyone involved asked the world to open and swallow them. The boy was said to have stolen his parents can in order to have money for lunch and entice the girls.

He never went home on Saturday and Sunday and nobody had a clue of where to find him. This is where he’ll broke loose. We had a never joke principal whom you never wished to cross his path. The monos (form ones) started talking one by one.and it got to a point where they told the whole story of how when and how often the homes were gone, the people who were arranging them. That morning most students had been sent home for fees I included and we got so very lucky.

The principal asked some students to write the names of class of those who went for the hiking. To what I was told he would get class with the list and before you realize you are running for your dear life from the blows ,slaps,wait was fire.

The following day that was on a Tuesday the boy came to school. Not knowing that his parents had reported him missing, was awoken from his locker by slaps from the then principal. This made him speak like a radio with new batteries. If you know you know. The then head boy became even tougher as he was blaming other students for putting him in trouble to which nobody forced him to go.

After that incident the hiking never stopped though we used to assign each other’s as brothers keepers which made it more fun and enjoyable. By the way drama didn’t stop there.

This one lady told her parents that she was going for maths competition in a different school. Will continue from there next time. 😉

In the meantime you can comment with good old memories you recall ☺☺☺😉.