The social media is awash with the story of one Evangelist cum archbishop ng,ang,a. He of the Neno Evangelical Christian church, I still doubt if the church should be going by the same title because biblically “Neno” means the word and we all know that  God is the Word and the word is God.  The acclaimed man of God has perfected in the art of biblical conman-ship by inexhaustibly using mob PSYCHOLOGY to create unknown fear in his jestty cult. I fully agree with the sentiments he is expressing himself that he does not meet the threshold of a man to be trusted with the people of Kibera. Its agonizing and mind boggling to imagine the congregation cheering a man who openly takes pride in his worldly wealth which has begotten through the same people who hardly have enough meals for the day. I would wish the archbishop would lead his flock in bettering their lives. Could this socialist PSYCHOPATH be the reflection of what the less than one percent of the population whose egos don’t prick their consciousness take and think of the common Kenyan?. In all fairness what does the righteous men and women of God feel and think when they see this idiopathic character hind in the word of God? Will we see one righteous pastor stand up against this egomaniac? My honest observation is that we are too blinded by the earthly wealth that what we look at is our “wazungu” neighbors.  Unfortunately  Kenya is a democracy where the freedom of worship is enshrined in the constitution. The Kenyan legislature is the only hope that Kenyans have to save the poor worshiper from religious morons but which of our members of parliament would be willing to stand up to be counted as the person who was brave enough to sponsor a bill to the  August house to check the excesses of the flock eater/s? As things stand now do we turn to the government or pray to God to send his people a Savior. Your prayer is as good as mine. Remember when you are about to fall you forget even the path you trended to be up there. Has time come for our people to save themselves from all kind of morons?