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The best thing that I find helpful for me as a blogger with blogger’s block breakdowns is reading. I relish novels or articles that combine inspiration with entertainment and have been doing exactly that the past few weeks and realized I could share in the benefit I have acquired from them. The five are the best in my list.

  • The Alchemist –Paulo Coelho

This mind blowing novel illustrates the power of the mind and self-belief. It talks about a curious and inquisitive boy shepherd who has an unending desire to discover what his own mind puts him to task for. Reading it presents you an idea of the importance of giving your dreams great regard. This book assures you that no one who goes in search of their dreams fails to find them, which I agree with. No one can ever praise this book enough.

  • The Stars Shine Down – Sydney Sheldon

There is one thing that stands out in this all-time favorite of mine; women empowerment. It speaks for women in a male dominated world through Lara, a young girl who experiences various hurdles from a very young age and overcomes all that to become a very successful real-estate businessperson. I love the realistic nature in it since she feels a need to offer her body in exchange for her first project. This reminds us that women are as vulnerable, still objectified, yet gives us the courage to stand up for ourselves and change the narrative.

  • To Kill A Mockingbird- Harper Lee

Both hilarious in the storytelling and reminiscent of what black people have had to go through in the form of racism, this fiction told through the perception of a 6 year old girl, scout finch, somehow relieves readers of prejudice since a child only sees what they see, whether right or wrong. It is about scout’s father, a widower white lawyer who successfully fights for a black man wrongly accused of rape. It also reminds us of the reality we have to live with every day and possibly to keep in mind not to condone it.

  • Veronika Decides To Die- Paulo Coelho

Under no state of affairs is this book an easy read. It’s going to make you feel defensive, hurt and skeptical but that’s until you realize it’s all about appreciating the subtle aspects of life that we have. It tells us about the life of Veronika, who is pretty, young, with a good job, a boyfriend here and there, a loving family yet she decides that she is unhappy and wants to die. She goes on to attempt suicide but finds herself in a mental institution instead and is told that she has only a few days to live. It is while in this institution that she realizes how much she wants to live, every second, for her, now becomes precious.

  • How To Make Friends And Influence People- Dale Carnegie

Well, the definition of ‘novel’ is basically something new. This one is not your regular novel. It’s more of a self-guide to traverse through your daily life, especially for those in business. I remember reading it first when in high school and it taught me a lot about how to regard people the best way you can. Carnegie uses various interesting anecdotes most of which are personal experiences throughout his life to bring to light the practices we need to adopt in dealing with others. The best part is that they push you to be genuine rather that flirtatious. I would describe it as containing all the psychology in a 291 page book, except, more interesting.

I hope you find these as interesting and enlightening. Also, if you have book suggestion, I would appreciate a share in the comments section. Let me know after your read.