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As Kenya continues to enforce a lockdown due to the spread of the deadly Corona Virus, many in Kenya and indeed the whole of Africa are asking if they will die of hunger. Most people in Kenya live a life of hand to mouth with no savings. Neither do they have refrigerators stocked with food and full pantries that have enough food to feed a family for months. In addition, street families and street children is a reality in Kenya. They have no homes and no food. They rely on food from the “streets”. With those streets now closed, these people are in great danger of dying from hunger or disease and even worse, spreading the deadly virus as they disobey curfew to look for food. One such person was heard saying they would rather be in prison where there is at least food. The situation in Kenya right now is really bad. We in the diaspora have found it necessary to come together and feed our suffering brothers and sisters. We cannot watch them die and do nothing. It’s true that skipping just one meal can feed a family for a day or two and skipping a few meals can indeed keep a family, street families or street children alive during this time. Please join this effort by clicking the link to the gofundme account. We are counting on your donation.