Welcome to Diaspora Gardens!

At last the KDM Diaspora Media has a project we can call our own. This is the place we can go home to and relax in the quiet and unpolluted environment after the hassles of life in the diaspora. The Diaspora Gardens is a community development located off Kangundo road, approximately 400 meters off the tarmac road, 5 minutes drive from Koma Town. With Magnificent scenery in its environs, Diaspora Gardens is surrounded by breathtaking views of Lukenya Hills, Mua Hills and Koma Hill.
A major attraction for this project is the expansion of Greater Eastern Bypass (GEB) which is one of the milestones that will enable the government to reach its 2030 goal.The proposed bypass links two main roads and one highway, i.e. the Mombasa-Nairobi highway, the Kangundo-Nairobi road and the Thika- Garissa roads. This will bring a huge boost to real estate along the Kangundo road

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Cash Price
Ksh. 650,000

Monthly Installments:
Ksh. 695,000: Ksh. 200,000 down; clear balance in 12 months


Phase 1 Plot Numbers and Map

Diaspora Gardens Phase 1
Diaspora Gardens Phase 1


Adopt an attitude of healthy skepticism towards the property developers that you engage. In recent days, we have seen very many developers with sufficient marketing budgets defraud unsuspecting Kenyans of their hard earned cash. Not every company with an AD in the media is genuine!

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