She wakes earlier than anyone else. She gets the kids ready to school then heads out to work. The smile on her face sells it all. You can never tell how much weight is on her shoulder.

You might ask how does she do it and all she does is smile. The mask on her face hides sorrow, pain, rejections but she never accepts to be the victim. She calls herself a survivor.

She always calls it a new day and speaks of its positivity that it would be better than any other. She is a tough cookie. The joy to smile every time is fulfilled by her little ones when they get back home in the evening. She looks so much when she smiled. She is all in all.

You may be wondering but am talking of a WOMAN . Behind the smile lies a beautiful energetic soul overlooking beyond what’s surrounding her.

When things are tough, smile and laugh out loud and things might change to a better perspective. So smile😊, smile 😃 and again I say smile. You look better when you smile😊😊😊😊