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Gitugi Kia Ruriri

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Jeremy Damaris


CEO of Kikuyu Diaspora Media Jeremy is the undeniable MC and Radio/TV presenter for "the diaspora". Hardworking, Engaging, truly multi-gifted in radio presentation, singing, Mceeing among others . Catch Jeremy every morning from 7.00 a.m US Central Time for "Rikiratha" -Sunrise Show.

Rachal Ng'ae

Presenter, Katabe Show

Popularly known as Figure 8. She is vibrant and straight talking. In her own words: A simple,open straightforward lady who isn't easily put down,too kind to a fault. She believes in herself a lot& she can achieve anything she sets her mind on and doesn’t get rattled easily. Kai wagythaka!!

Kikuyu Diaspora Radio

The Kikuyu Diaspora Media is based in Birmingham Alabama, USA. It was founded by non-other than Jeremy Damaris in the year 2015. Jeremy’s credentials include emceeing for Shiro GP’s Muoroto album launch, emceeing for President Uhuru Kenyatta successful 2013 presidential campaign and starting a successful TV channel in Kenya among others. Jeremy’s high standards, his sense of humor, his engaging style and his desire to help those less fortunate has made him well known all over the world. When Jeremy moved to USA in 2014, he had the desire to continue using media to unite and help Kenyans everywhere and it was an easy decision for him to start Kikuyu Diaspora Media. In a period of less than 5 years, the Kikuyu Diaspora Media has become the fastest growing digital/online Television and Radio media with strong focus on local and international programming. While there are several diaspora news websites, the Kikuyu diaspora media is the first and the only media delivering diaspora content through Television and Radio targeted at a specific niche. The Kikuyu diaspora media enjoys strong viewership with listeners and fans from all over the world including America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East. The Kikuyu Diaspora Media aims to inspire, motivate, educate and inform Kenyans everywhere especially those in the diaspora. Furthermore, we are working to provide people in the diaspora with the tools they need to succeed in whichever country they are based. In addition, we have successfully used our media to help many needy Kenyans by getting their stories heard and getting others to come together to help. Together as Kenyans, we have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and we can’t be happier at how God is using us to bless others. Kikuyu diaspora media also has a vision to someday be the “CNN” for the diaspora. At the rate in which it’s growing, that vision will be realized in the next few years.