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Jeremy Damaris


CEO of Kikuyu Diaspora Media Jeremy is the undeniable MC and Radio/TV presenter for "the diaspora". Hardworking, Engaging, truly multi-gifted in radio presentation, singing, Mceeing among others . Catch Jeremy every morning from 7.00 a.m US Central Time for "Rikiratha" -Sunrise Show.

Rachal Ng'ae

Presenter, Katabe Show

Popularly known as Figure 8. She is vibrant and straight talking. In her own words: A simple,open straightforward lady who isn't easily put down,too kind to a fault. She believes in herself a lot& she can achieve anything she sets her mind on and doesn’t get rattled easily. Kai wagythaka!!

Kenya Diaspora Media

Kenya Diaspora Media is a non profit organization service the diaspora community through charity giving and free media to keep you informed about available resources and your rights.