Corruption should be treated as murder in Kenya

Quickly, which is the last scandal you had in Kenya? You know that kind that make it to the front pages of the newspapers and plastered in the TV news the whole day. The scandals go in our (Kenyans) collective national memories before something else comes and life continues. Corruption has been the biggest undoing to Kenyans progress with the country losing billions of shillings that might have gone to do better things to the common Mwananchi. Needless to say, we are used to the kitu kidogo mindset. Notably, none of us supports corruption unless we are benefiting from it.

Imagine this, somewhere in Kenya today, someone will die due to lack of access to medical care because the public facility in the area lacks the bed capacity or equipment to carry out the needed medical attention. All this will be due to someone siphoning money meant for Ministry of Health . Someone in Kenya today is jobless because they lacked enough bribe to secure a job. Someone in Kenya today will sleep hungry because they didn’t get paid for the sale of their sugar cane or Maize. Right now in Kenya, a farmer will lack school fees for their kids because someone in the Ministry of Agriculture mismanaged the necessary funds meant to pay farmers. Not forgetting that farming is the biggest contributor to the GDP of the country.

Corruption  steals the hopes of humanity all over the world. Bad leadership is corruption. Corruption kills the untapped human potential of Kenyans. Corruption is murder and should be treated as such. When the funds meant for medical care are diverted to someone’s pockets lives are lost, children die, doctors are poorly paid. When funds meant to build schools end up in the pockets of a corrupt contractor, they have killed the dreams of children meant to attend the school. When money meant for infrastructural development suddenly disappears, it has killed the growth of the country. One greedy action is all it takes to jeopardize the lives of so many people.

Because of corruption in the modern day Kenya, we have stolen from the future generation. We have stolen from a future doctors, future teachers, and future leaders.

By all means possible all Kenyans united need to fight corruption.  Corruption should not be taken lightly. It is not something that we fight with few tweets and retweets, it is not resolved in #Hashtags.

We are currently drinking from the glass of corruption and our future generations will be haunted by the hangovers. Say no to corruption, its Murder.